DistinXion is more than just a cheer camp.

DistinXion Cheerleading Camps are jam-packed with cheerleading, character, and summer cheer fun!

At a DistinXion camp, your squad will have the opportunity to not only gain elite cheerleading training, but also elite character development including lessons on respect for yourself and others, how to make wise choices, and the importance of having a positive attitude to help you prepare your squad for college cheerleading and life outside of cheer. Conveniently located, we bring our DistinXion cheerleading staff to your school for a cheer camp of non-stop training. Our cheerleading staff will be positive role models for your squad, as they provide personalized training that can be specialized to your squad’s strengths and weaknesses.

DistinXion offers a variety of team camps and programs that are affordable and convenient! For more information on any of our programs, please see their respective informational pages.

This camp is worth the work! It is cost-effective and the staff is real. Hope does a great job of making sure that her staff displays the utmost professionalism. Each instructor offers something different and they are extremely patient. I am more than willing to talk to any coach that is looking at DistinXion cheer camp.
— Cheer Coach