North Decatur JR/SR High School Camp 2017

After a few short hours with the girls at North Decatur I could tell these were girls with outstanding character and high potential. This team was one that had been a blast to work with and I knew they would be easy to teach and mentor the rest of the camp. Day one the mentors were blown away by their high energy and great voices in the cheer evaluation and learning all the difficult material we were throwing at them. The entire time we were teaching all of the girls were good about taking corrections and making improvements. One thing that really stood out was also their desire to ask questions and improve individually also improving as a team. Girls were constantly encouraging and helping their teammates in cheers, dances, and stunt sessions. In every character session, there was TONS of volunteers and with great positive answers. I could tell that it was very important to them that everyone keeps positive attitudes for the season and that they continue to support and help each other as a team.

This involvement in character sessions carried over into day two. At one point in the day we talked about social media and the girls were clear about the good and bad that is occurring constantly today. But instead of getting caught up in the peer pressure and negativity they were focused on the fun and uplifting aspects of social media which made me so proud! Going into material on day two we could tell the girls were sore and tired; however, they blew us away with their skills in stunt class. They hit awesome stunts like spin city and every group had amazing pop downs! In the team routine, they were able to work together in a pyramid with a one-man stunt in the middle. Although they were working on the team routine at the end of day two and were only able to do it with music a couple of times before their evaluation they still HIT their pyramid and had awesome timing for all their incorps! Overall, this was a team that I will definitely remember due to their all-around great attitudes and character that was shining throughout the camp. I can’t wait to hear about their season and success in the future! GO CHARGERS!

-Molly; DistinXion Cheer Staff


Tri-North Middle Camp 2017

Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 10.32.31 AM.png

We were very excited to be going to Tri-North Middle School and having them as our first cheerleading camp of the summer! This is my first year on the DistinXion cheerleading staff and these girls made camp a positive experience that I’ll never forget. This team was made up of incoming 7th and 8th graders. I was very surprised when I found out that out of all the girls, only 4 were returning Tri-North cheerleaders. Their ability to learn and execute so much new material in only 2 short days was extremely impressive.


We started camp by teaching this year’s line dance to “Can’t Stop the Feeling”. The girls all caught on fast and the dance was a great way to bring everyone back together after breaks and to get them ready to get back to work! We brushed up on our motions before learning our first cheers and chants. The words to the first cheer were a little tricky, but after some practice the girls quickly picked it up and were chanting the words and hitting their motions with great energy!


This energy was also very present during our character talks with our small groups. These girls have such vibrant personalities which made talking with them such a blast. It was awesome to hear about the dreams and goals these girls have for themselves and to see how ambitious they are. With these girls being in their early teenager years, it was great to be able to talk with them about all the different aspects that make up someone’s character and how important it is to always strive to be the best version of yourselves. Doing this isn’t always easy, but surrounding yourself with the right people makes it possible to achieve.


One of my favorite parts of camp was stunt class. I am a flyer and couldn’t help but laugh a little up in the stunts at the reactions of the girls when we did the demos. I loved seeing how excited they would get and then how eager they were to master the stunts themselves. Learning new stunts can be scary at times. The positive attitudes of the team as well as their support of each other helped them to get over this fear and hit all kinds of new stunts.


Another favorite part of camp for me was watching the girls learn the team routine. The dance to “Cray Button” was fast and can be difficult to learn. The girl’s ability to learn the dance and keep practicing until they were able to do it full speed with the music was so impressive. In addition to a dance, the routine consisted of jumps and step-ups to preps. Learning all this new material, putting together a routine, and performing that routine in front of a crowd can be a bit overwhelming. But when the time came to perform this routine in front of their parents at the end of camp, these girls gave their best performance of camp. I’m so proud of the girls at Tri-North and am so excited for them to continue excelling throughout their cheer season!



Silver Creek Camp 2016

First walking into Silver Creek, our staff always knows we can expect a high level of difficulty from this squad! As the morning first started off with cheer and chants, we quickly saw that we were going to have a great time getting to work with such a talented squad! We got to see the spirit and pride that Silver Creek has at their games during the year and worked on being LOUD to represent the Dragons well at these games. 

Next we moved into the "Move" dance and our Dragons got to have fun while learning one of our most popular dances of the summer. The girls picked up on the counts fast and were able to make all motions crisp and clean with huge smiles on their faces after becoming comfortable with the counts. We then played a game with the dance and had the girls do the whole dance with peace signs for all of their motions! While it was hard to contain our laughter during this game, it taught us to concentrate on every single count even if you're doing something crazy with your hands!

After this we reached stunt class, the Dragons favorite part of the day, and our staff member's favorite as well! While warming up stunts we could tell this Silver Creek team has so much potential for the whole year as they were already starting to hit switch-ups and full ups! Our staff really enjoyed getting to watch these girls show off their talent and have fun while supporting each other even in positions that they may have never tried before! 

We ended the day by perfecting the Dragon's competition routine cheer which was JAM PACKED with difficulty and crowd leading skills that are sure to impress on the floor this year! As always, we left the Dragons by taking the traditional picture with the team stunting with our Staff Members and before we knew it, it was time to leave. 

I wish the Dragons the best of luck this year at games and at competitions. I know you will all do great if you put in the hard work and dedication that we saw at camp and believe in each other!


Lighthouse Christian Academy Camp 2016

First day of Camp Lighthouse Christian Academy:


                  The staff was so excited to meet the girls on the Lighthouse Christian Academy’s cheer team! We had a quiet start, but the girls quickly broke out of their shells after they played our version of Ships and Sailors using our camp rules!! We quickly moved into teaching the sideline dance, which the campers picked up very well! We know that motion workshop is not always the most fun part about camp, so we try to make it fun with Coach Says! When teaching the cheer, it was a little tricky, but after a little bit of work they looked good. We then moved into stunt class where we really focused on stunt safety and going over the basics. They did very well trying the walk in 1/4 stunt! The first time the tried it we saw how strong this group of girls were! Their flyer went flying from all of the power they had!

                  We moved into our first character talked and we talked about the difference of a good character verses a bad character. They learned they their reputation and their character should match! After a break from cheering the girls learned a little bit of the team routine dance! Then it was time for a much needed lunch break. After lunch Mentor Katie helped the girls with the cheer routine! They added in stunts they learned earlier. We also had a little fun with teaching the girls how to make their voices louder! They had to say their cheer as low as they could!!! By doing this it taught their girls how to use their diaphragms when breathing. They were able to perfect their cheer enough to receive a blue ribbon during evaluations! Dance class was next where they learned a sideline dance. Since they had it down so well, we made them act like the had bear claws all the way throughout the dance. They also had to do the dance with T-rex arms (their elbows could not leave their sides). Jump competition was the last thing the girls did before going home! It was a tough competition!!


Day 2 Lighthouse Christian Academy Camp:

                  They girls came in a little tired from the team sleepover they had the night before!! To help wake them up we played a few games to get the say started. That was not enough to wake them up as we moved into cheer class. Their strong loud voices and their energy from the day before had been lost. The staff had to resort to asking the girls to do something they had never asked a team to do before. We made them run and jump around the jump doing the chants to get their energy back and it worked!! They felt silly, but it taught them that they could have energy while they cheered! That energy carried over into stunt class where they learned how to cradle and the “L” smoosh. Then we moved into dance class were we taught the rest of the team routine dance. For the fun of it we made the girls lay down on the ground and had them try to do the dance. Mentor Jacob was in charge of putting their team routine together. He added jumps and a stunt after the dance they had learn. We moved into elective class where they chose to learn more stunts. We perfected the stunts we had already taught and then taught the new ones. At the end of day 2 the girls’ parents came and watched everything the learned. The girls were so amazing to work with that every girl deservingly got an award for all their hard work they put into camp!



Argos/Rochester Camp 2016

This camp was my last one of the summer and it was definitely a good way to end it! It was such a lively atmosphere probably due to the fact that there were 50+ girls and guys at camp.  There was never a dull moment between Rochester and Argos!

There were multiple squads within the two teams at camp from: JV, Junior High, Freshman, and Varsity.  However, you would’ve never known the difference because they all worked so well together.  In addition to learning cheers and chants very quickly, Argos and Rochester had a great time yelling their different mascots throughout the camp.  We had the Argos Dragons and the Rochester Zebras! It was always a fun way to get them to yell even louder during cheers and chant class.  Both schools knew how to keep their motions super tight while also hitting the crowd with lots of sprit.  This made our jobs as staffers easy!

Dances are always fun after you have learned them and can add your own style, but the process of learning them can sometimes be tricky.  Argos and Rochester had great attitudes about every single dance that they learned, starting with the line dance at the very beginning to learning the elective hip hop dance at the very end.  These cheerleaders were not hesitant to ask any questions during the learning process which we loved! After picking apart every little thing to sharpen up the dances they blew us away with how well they took our critiques and put them to use.  The team routines were phenomenal with all of their hard work that was put into the dance (Confident). 

Stunt class for these two schools went so good! Both teams showed strength and versatility while learning these new skills.  While each team learned brand new stunts at camp they also perfected old stunts.  It was so great to see a stunt come together after trying it several times.  We also had a few coed stunts going on at this camp as well! We had many parts of the two days where our mentor Jacob would take the guys and their stunt partner to a separate space and have one on one time for learning how to do coed stunts for games.  This was a great addition to stunt class. 

Character sessions for Argos and Rochester couldn’t have gone any better! We had such a good time letting them open up to us.  They really knew how to talk about the subjects that we presented to them.  Our director at this camp, Morgan, had to personally break up our groups several times due to the long conversations that were happening.  This made us so happy!

Overall the Argos and Rochester camp was definitely one for the books.  Having so many cheerleaders with so many different personalities we learned just as much as they did throughout the two days of camp.  It was sad to say the least when we had to leave after day two with these amazing people, but we hope nothing but the best for each team and each squad for the rest of their season!


-       Morgan B.  DistinXion Cheer Staff

     IG: @dxn.morganb


Eastern Greene Camp 2016

I'm a second year staffer and after a fun and exciting summer full of camps last season, I was so excited for my first camp! When we first showed up I noticed it was a little team and a big gym but within the first hour the girls had shocked me with how energetic they could be!

 The ladies of Eastern Greene were a big ball of energy! They were so fun to work with and very entertaining. We started out day one of our two day learning most of the difficult material. These girls shocked us with their loud energetic voices they had when learning the cheer and many chants. They picked up the motions and words super quick! They are very fast learners!  

We could tell very quickly that this team wasn't shy and character sessions would be very comfortable for everyone. Character sessions make Distinxtion camps unique and it is one of my all time favorite times during cheer camps. Its really fun to talk to the girls and find out how they're feeling and who their friends are.  During our character sessions on day one, I really learned a lot about the girls in my little group. I found out that most the girls on the team are friends outside of practice and at school. We looked at different scenarios in which it may be hard to make a decision and we talked about how being the best version of ourselves isn't as easy as it sounds but very possible by surrounding ourselves with great friends and family makes it a lot easier!

  My favorite part of day one was definitely all the various final poses of the line dance. These girls really had fun with it! There were splits, heal stretches, sassy snaps and peace signs! It was so exciting to see what poses they'd choose each time we played it. Another favorite part for me was stunt class! Everyone was so determined to master the skills we taught them! We even had a solid extended lib before class was over!  

After all the hard work the girls put in on day one we were eager to see what kind of energy the girls would bring for day two. We warmed up with a Scene It game and that got us all pretty excited for the day! The Eastern Greene cheerleaders had an even better second day! I think we all really enjoyed having an extra session for stunting.  

On day two, we decided to switch up our small groups for character sessions. I was a little nervous at first that the girls would be more timid if they didn't have the same staffer in their small group but they didn't have a problem! These ladies were an awesome group to have for my first camp of the season! They not only pushed themselves to open up to us four strangers but they also pushed me to open up during character sessions! They were not afraid to ask questions and ask me my opinions on certain topics! I'm so excited for the rest of the summer and we hope Eastern Greene has an awesome season! 


-Katie, DistinXion Cheer Staff 

 IG: @dxn.katie 

North Decatur Camp 2016

Being a second-year staffer, I kind of already had an idea about how this camp would go, but this did not stop the girls from surprising me. It is not uncommon for us to go into camp with the girls being timid to have fun and open up to us strangers that have just arrived at their school. The cheerleaders at North Decatur were an exception to this. As soon as we got in there they were having fun with everything we gave them to do. When learning cheers, they were yelling as loud as they could with a smile on their face. When it came to playing a game, they were not afraid to get a little competitive with each other. They were constantly making every activity even more fun!

The girls at North Decatur were also a joy to have because they came in ready to work hard! When we teach the team routine dance, we split this between the two days. When it came to the end of the first three eight-counts, the girls were excited to learn the rest and asked to learn more! When learning the material, the girls were fast learners but also not afraid to ask questions about a motion or word they weren’t quite getting. This is very important so they know exactly what their motions are even after we leave.

One of my favorite parts of camp is stunt class. I definitely enjoyed it while at North Decatur. The seventh graders who step up and learned a position they had never been in before inspired me. While in stunt class, we created new backspots and bases and gave girls the confidence they needed to believe they could do this! It was also interesting to see the creative routines the girls would create by putting the different stunts we taught them together. They were motivated to hit the stunt and make it look good!

  Another favorite moment of camp for me is when we have character sessions. I believe this is one of the most important parts of a DistinXion cheer camp because while we might not be cheerleaders forever, our character will be with us for the rest of our lives. I really enjoyed how well the girls opened up to us while they were in the character sessions. At this time, I learn so much more about the cheerleaders and we learn how to work through situations being the best person possible. We learn about our character, making healthy choices, examining our attitude, having endurance, respecting others and ourself, and serving others. Each part of the CHEERS acronym is something that will make each and every one of us a better person to then go out and be a role model to others.

North Decatur was definitely one of my favorite camps to work because the girls were so amazing. I loved how willing they were to open up to us, they worked hard even towards the end of day two, and really showed that they want to be the best cheerleaders and people they can be! They were all so fun to be around! After being with this team for two days, I really hope they have a wonderful season cheering on their football and basketball teams!

Good luck to the coach and all of the girls! 



North Miami Camp 2016


Camp with North Miami started off our summer for 2016 with absolutely no disappointments! This was a new camp for Distinxion with two new staffers and the first ever cheer camp for many of our campers. Although this was a camp of firsts for many people, it could not have gone any better. From the moment we met the girls it was easy to tell the camp was going to be a blast!

North Miami proved to be positively different, but in a rare way. Unlike any other camp I’ve ever been to, I never would have been able to tell apart the middle school squad from the high school with these campers without asking. All the girls were so supportive of each other no matter their age and everyone was mixed all together across the gym floor. Not only everyone mixed together for learning material, but I also noticed during water breaks and lunch they were all still together. Whether girls from different grades were working together on material or just being goofballs all dancing and playing games together. It was so great to see a group of teenage girls come together as a school for a new experience like Distinxion cheer camp and not split off into any small friend groups within the squad.

On the first day of our two day camp the girls opened right up and we could quickly see that they loved to just have fun, yet they were ready to make improvements and work hard! We jumped into learning material fast, but even after learning the line dance, two dances, cheers, and chants the squad not once complained or showed us they weren’t ready to keep moving. The girls also learned to perfect their stunting skills. High school was able to put together two solid halves and middle school did a solid thigh stand and a half. I worked with the high school for stunt class and this first day they were all eager to try EVERY position. It was so awesome to see the girls so willing to try new stunting skills and ready to learn. Even the flyers wanted to learn to base and through it all everybody just continued to cheer each other on!

Coming in for day two of camp everyone was tired; however, that did not mean the girls were not still ready to learn new material and review from the day before. We learned another new cheer, chants, stunts, and individual team routines. As we continued to give pointers in learning material the girls were great about making corrections on day two and really focusing on hitting sharp motions with confidence! Both middle school and high school wowed us with their stunting. Both groups were able to further improve their halves and perform awesome flyer kicks for their team routines!

            Character sessions during camp are always my favorite part and with North Miami the sessions were great! Personally in my small group of the high school I was able to talk to the girls about enduring through tough obstacles thrown our way in life, including everything from injuries, illness, and losing experienced team members. These girls didn’t see the gaining of new members as a bad obstacle and that was great to see! Instead, the returners were super enthusiastic to see how far they will be able to come this year. I learned a lot about how the girls feel about their squad and school. Almost every girl is also involved in another sport, but they all love to come together and work hard at cheer. While many of them have good friends outside of cheer they still all act like best friends when they were together for cheerleading. Each of the girls I spoke with at camp was just excited for this year of cheerleading because they were all confident that everyone would be supportive of each other and have fun, which is exactly what the staffers saw!

            One extra special thing we found out during a character session was the common passion for their faith. Although being at a public school the girls immediately answered our question of “what is something that brings you all together and you all have in common?” with “religion.” They were all completely confident in answering that they all feel very strongly about their faith and it was incredible to see high school girls feel so deeply about this. As Distinxion is a program with Christ in the middle of it, I was incredibly happy to hear these girls not only appreciated the lessons of building their character, but also how it strengthened their faith.

            By the last character session on day two I was so sad to think the camp was almost over! Within two short days I had grown to love each and every one of the campers and I think it’s safe for me to speak for the other staffers saying they too were sad to leave the girls. I can only hope that North Miami has a FANTASTIC year cheering for both football and cheerleading and I’ll be thinking about them as they work hard to be even better and prove to their school how talented they are! 

-Molly, DistinXion Cheer Staff 

IG: @dxn.molly