North Decatur Camp 2016

Being a second-year staffer, I kind of already had an idea about how this camp would go, but this did not stop the girls from surprising me. It is not uncommon for us to go into camp with the girls being timid to have fun and open up to us strangers that have just arrived at their school. The cheerleaders at North Decatur were an exception to this. As soon as we got in there they were having fun with everything we gave them to do. When learning cheers, they were yelling as loud as they could with a smile on their face. When it came to playing a game, they were not afraid to get a little competitive with each other. They were constantly making every activity even more fun!

The girls at North Decatur were also a joy to have because they came in ready to work hard! When we teach the team routine dance, we split this between the two days. When it came to the end of the first three eight-counts, the girls were excited to learn the rest and asked to learn more! When learning the material, the girls were fast learners but also not afraid to ask questions about a motion or word they weren’t quite getting. This is very important so they know exactly what their motions are even after we leave.

One of my favorite parts of camp is stunt class. I definitely enjoyed it while at North Decatur. The seventh graders who step up and learned a position they had never been in before inspired me. While in stunt class, we created new backspots and bases and gave girls the confidence they needed to believe they could do this! It was also interesting to see the creative routines the girls would create by putting the different stunts we taught them together. They were motivated to hit the stunt and make it look good!

  Another favorite moment of camp for me is when we have character sessions. I believe this is one of the most important parts of a DistinXion cheer camp because while we might not be cheerleaders forever, our character will be with us for the rest of our lives. I really enjoyed how well the girls opened up to us while they were in the character sessions. At this time, I learn so much more about the cheerleaders and we learn how to work through situations being the best person possible. We learn about our character, making healthy choices, examining our attitude, having endurance, respecting others and ourself, and serving others. Each part of the CHEERS acronym is something that will make each and every one of us a better person to then go out and be a role model to others.

North Decatur was definitely one of my favorite camps to work because the girls were so amazing. I loved how willing they were to open up to us, they worked hard even towards the end of day two, and really showed that they want to be the best cheerleaders and people they can be! They were all so fun to be around! After being with this team for two days, I really hope they have a wonderful season cheering on their football and basketball teams!

Good luck to the coach and all of the girls!