Argos/Rochester Camp 2016

This camp was my last one of the summer and it was definitely a good way to end it! It was such a lively atmosphere probably due to the fact that there were 50+ girls and guys at camp.  There was never a dull moment between Rochester and Argos!

There were multiple squads within the two teams at camp from: JV, Junior High, Freshman, and Varsity.  However, you would’ve never known the difference because they all worked so well together.  In addition to learning cheers and chants very quickly, Argos and Rochester had a great time yelling their different mascots throughout the camp.  We had the Argos Dragons and the Rochester Zebras! It was always a fun way to get them to yell even louder during cheers and chant class.  Both schools knew how to keep their motions super tight while also hitting the crowd with lots of sprit.  This made our jobs as staffers easy!

Dances are always fun after you have learned them and can add your own style, but the process of learning them can sometimes be tricky.  Argos and Rochester had great attitudes about every single dance that they learned, starting with the line dance at the very beginning to learning the elective hip hop dance at the very end.  These cheerleaders were not hesitant to ask any questions during the learning process which we loved! After picking apart every little thing to sharpen up the dances they blew us away with how well they took our critiques and put them to use.  The team routines were phenomenal with all of their hard work that was put into the dance (Confident). 

Stunt class for these two schools went so good! Both teams showed strength and versatility while learning these new skills.  While each team learned brand new stunts at camp they also perfected old stunts.  It was so great to see a stunt come together after trying it several times.  We also had a few coed stunts going on at this camp as well! We had many parts of the two days where our mentor Jacob would take the guys and their stunt partner to a separate space and have one on one time for learning how to do coed stunts for games.  This was a great addition to stunt class. 

Character sessions for Argos and Rochester couldn’t have gone any better! We had such a good time letting them open up to us.  They really knew how to talk about the subjects that we presented to them.  Our director at this camp, Morgan, had to personally break up our groups several times due to the long conversations that were happening.  This made us so happy!

Overall the Argos and Rochester camp was definitely one for the books.  Having so many cheerleaders with so many different personalities we learned just as much as they did throughout the two days of camp.  It was sad to say the least when we had to leave after day two with these amazing people, but we hope nothing but the best for each team and each squad for the rest of their season!


-       Morgan B.  DistinXion Cheer Staff

     IG: @dxn.morganb