Eastern Greene Camp 2016

I'm a second year staffer and after a fun and exciting summer full of camps last season, I was so excited for my first camp! When we first showed up I noticed it was a little team and a big gym but within the first hour the girls had shocked me with how energetic they could be!

 The ladies of Eastern Greene were a big ball of energy! They were so fun to work with and very entertaining. We started out day one of our two day learning most of the difficult material. These girls shocked us with their loud energetic voices they had when learning the cheer and many chants. They picked up the motions and words super quick! They are very fast learners!  

We could tell very quickly that this team wasn't shy and character sessions would be very comfortable for everyone. Character sessions make Distinxtion camps unique and it is one of my all time favorite times during cheer camps. Its really fun to talk to the girls and find out how they're feeling and who their friends are.  During our character sessions on day one, I really learned a lot about the girls in my little group. I found out that most the girls on the team are friends outside of practice and at school. We looked at different scenarios in which it may be hard to make a decision and we talked about how being the best version of ourselves isn't as easy as it sounds but very possible by surrounding ourselves with great friends and family makes it a lot easier!

  My favorite part of day one was definitely all the various final poses of the line dance. These girls really had fun with it! There were splits, heal stretches, sassy snaps and peace signs! It was so exciting to see what poses they'd choose each time we played it. Another favorite part for me was stunt class! Everyone was so determined to master the skills we taught them! We even had a solid extended lib before class was over!  

After all the hard work the girls put in on day one we were eager to see what kind of energy the girls would bring for day two. We warmed up with a Scene It game and that got us all pretty excited for the day! The Eastern Greene cheerleaders had an even better second day! I think we all really enjoyed having an extra session for stunting.  

On day two, we decided to switch up our small groups for character sessions. I was a little nervous at first that the girls would be more timid if they didn't have the same staffer in their small group but they didn't have a problem! These ladies were an awesome group to have for my first camp of the season! They not only pushed themselves to open up to us four strangers but they also pushed me to open up during character sessions! They were not afraid to ask questions and ask me my opinions on certain topics! I'm so excited for the rest of the summer and we hope Eastern Greene has an awesome season! 


-Katie, DistinXion Cheer Staff 

 IG: @dxn.katie