Lighthouse Christian Academy Camp 2016

First day of Camp Lighthouse Christian Academy:


                  The staff was so excited to meet the girls on the Lighthouse Christian Academy’s cheer team! We had a quiet start, but the girls quickly broke out of their shells after they played our version of Ships and Sailors using our camp rules!! We quickly moved into teaching the sideline dance, which the campers picked up very well! We know that motion workshop is not always the most fun part about camp, so we try to make it fun with Coach Says! When teaching the cheer, it was a little tricky, but after a little bit of work they looked good. We then moved into stunt class where we really focused on stunt safety and going over the basics. They did very well trying the walk in 1/4 stunt! The first time the tried it we saw how strong this group of girls were! Their flyer went flying from all of the power they had!

                  We moved into our first character talked and we talked about the difference of a good character verses a bad character. They learned they their reputation and their character should match! After a break from cheering the girls learned a little bit of the team routine dance! Then it was time for a much needed lunch break. After lunch Mentor Katie helped the girls with the cheer routine! They added in stunts they learned earlier. We also had a little fun with teaching the girls how to make their voices louder! They had to say their cheer as low as they could!!! By doing this it taught their girls how to use their diaphragms when breathing. They were able to perfect their cheer enough to receive a blue ribbon during evaluations! Dance class was next where they learned a sideline dance. Since they had it down so well, we made them act like the had bear claws all the way throughout the dance. They also had to do the dance with T-rex arms (their elbows could not leave their sides). Jump competition was the last thing the girls did before going home! It was a tough competition!!


Day 2 Lighthouse Christian Academy Camp:

                  They girls came in a little tired from the team sleepover they had the night before!! To help wake them up we played a few games to get the say started. That was not enough to wake them up as we moved into cheer class. Their strong loud voices and their energy from the day before had been lost. The staff had to resort to asking the girls to do something they had never asked a team to do before. We made them run and jump around the jump doing the chants to get their energy back and it worked!! They felt silly, but it taught them that they could have energy while they cheered! That energy carried over into stunt class where they learned how to cradle and the “L” smoosh. Then we moved into dance class were we taught the rest of the team routine dance. For the fun of it we made the girls lay down on the ground and had them try to do the dance. Mentor Jacob was in charge of putting their team routine together. He added jumps and a stunt after the dance they had learn. We moved into elective class where they chose to learn more stunts. We perfected the stunts we had already taught and then taught the new ones. At the end of day 2 the girls’ parents came and watched everything the learned. The girls were so amazing to work with that every girl deservingly got an award for all their hard work they put into camp!