Silver Creek Camp 2016

First walking into Silver Creek, our staff always knows we can expect a high level of difficulty from this squad! As the morning first started off with cheer and chants, we quickly saw that we were going to have a great time getting to work with such a talented squad! We got to see the spirit and pride that Silver Creek has at their games during the year and worked on being LOUD to represent the Dragons well at these games. 

Next we moved into the "Move" dance and our Dragons got to have fun while learning one of our most popular dances of the summer. The girls picked up on the counts fast and were able to make all motions crisp and clean with huge smiles on their faces after becoming comfortable with the counts. We then played a game with the dance and had the girls do the whole dance with peace signs for all of their motions! While it was hard to contain our laughter during this game, it taught us to concentrate on every single count even if you're doing something crazy with your hands!

After this we reached stunt class, the Dragons favorite part of the day, and our staff member's favorite as well! While warming up stunts we could tell this Silver Creek team has so much potential for the whole year as they were already starting to hit switch-ups and full ups! Our staff really enjoyed getting to watch these girls show off their talent and have fun while supporting each other even in positions that they may have never tried before! 

We ended the day by perfecting the Dragon's competition routine cheer which was JAM PACKED with difficulty and crowd leading skills that are sure to impress on the floor this year! As always, we left the Dragons by taking the traditional picture with the team stunting with our Staff Members and before we knew it, it was time to leave. 

I wish the Dragons the best of luck this year at games and at competitions. I know you will all do great if you put in the hard work and dedication that we saw at camp and believe in each other!