Tri-North Middle Camp 2017

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We were very excited to be going to Tri-North Middle School and having them as our first cheerleading camp of the summer! This is my first year on the DistinXion cheerleading staff and these girls made camp a positive experience that I’ll never forget. This team was made up of incoming 7th and 8th graders. I was very surprised when I found out that out of all the girls, only 4 were returning Tri-North cheerleaders. Their ability to learn and execute so much new material in only 2 short days was extremely impressive.


We started camp by teaching this year’s line dance to “Can’t Stop the Feeling”. The girls all caught on fast and the dance was a great way to bring everyone back together after breaks and to get them ready to get back to work! We brushed up on our motions before learning our first cheers and chants. The words to the first cheer were a little tricky, but after some practice the girls quickly picked it up and were chanting the words and hitting their motions with great energy!


This energy was also very present during our character talks with our small groups. These girls have such vibrant personalities which made talking with them such a blast. It was awesome to hear about the dreams and goals these girls have for themselves and to see how ambitious they are. With these girls being in their early teenager years, it was great to be able to talk with them about all the different aspects that make up someone’s character and how important it is to always strive to be the best version of yourselves. Doing this isn’t always easy, but surrounding yourself with the right people makes it possible to achieve.


One of my favorite parts of camp was stunt class. I am a flyer and couldn’t help but laugh a little up in the stunts at the reactions of the girls when we did the demos. I loved seeing how excited they would get and then how eager they were to master the stunts themselves. Learning new stunts can be scary at times. The positive attitudes of the team as well as their support of each other helped them to get over this fear and hit all kinds of new stunts.


Another favorite part of camp for me was watching the girls learn the team routine. The dance to “Cray Button” was fast and can be difficult to learn. The girl’s ability to learn the dance and keep practicing until they were able to do it full speed with the music was so impressive. In addition to a dance, the routine consisted of jumps and step-ups to preps. Learning all this new material, putting together a routine, and performing that routine in front of a crowd can be a bit overwhelming. But when the time came to perform this routine in front of their parents at the end of camp, these girls gave their best performance of camp. I’m so proud of the girls at Tri-North and am so excited for them to continue excelling throughout their cheer season!