North Decatur JR/SR High School Camp 2017

After a few short hours with the girls at North Decatur I could tell these were girls with outstanding character and high potential. This team was one that had been a blast to work with and I knew they would be easy to teach and mentor the rest of the camp. Day one the mentors were blown away by their high energy and great voices in the cheer evaluation and learning all the difficult material we were throwing at them. The entire time we were teaching all of the girls were good about taking corrections and making improvements. One thing that really stood out was also their desire to ask questions and improve individually also improving as a team. Girls were constantly encouraging and helping their teammates in cheers, dances, and stunt sessions. In every character session, there was TONS of volunteers and with great positive answers. I could tell that it was very important to them that everyone keeps positive attitudes for the season and that they continue to support and help each other as a team.

This involvement in character sessions carried over into day two. At one point in the day we talked about social media and the girls were clear about the good and bad that is occurring constantly today. But instead of getting caught up in the peer pressure and negativity they were focused on the fun and uplifting aspects of social media which made me so proud! Going into material on day two we could tell the girls were sore and tired; however, they blew us away with their skills in stunt class. They hit awesome stunts like spin city and every group had amazing pop downs! In the team routine, they were able to work together in a pyramid with a one-man stunt in the middle. Although they were working on the team routine at the end of day two and were only able to do it with music a couple of times before their evaluation they still HIT their pyramid and had awesome timing for all their incorps! Overall, this was a team that I will definitely remember due to their all-around great attitudes and character that was shining throughout the camp. I can’t wait to hear about their season and success in the future! GO CHARGERS!

-Molly; DistinXion Cheer Staff