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DistinXion provides cheer routine evaluations by bringing our cheer staff to your school to review & evaluate your competition routine. 

This is a great opportunity for you and your squad to get feedback and help on your competition routine . DistinXion has many veterans to the competition cheerleading world on staff. (This includes the IASP state competition). We would be willing to provide you with our expertise and give you specific advice on how to improve your routine. Fill out the form below  when you're ready to schedule this service, or email Hope at!


Description:  DistinXion Cheerleading Routine Evaluation is a service that allows our experienced staff to review and evaluate your competition routine to help your squad improve your routine before competing. 

Evaluation Process:  Our staff will watch your routine performed in competition ready mode, once, provide general feedback and taking notes of first impressions. Then our staff will break down each section of your routine, working on specific areas of improvement and making necessary corrections. After each section is complete, our staff will coach the squad through the entire routine performed in competition ready mode, making any necessary adjustments. Within 3 days of visit, our staff will provide the coach with a written review and evaluation, including suggested improvements, positive notes, and other feedback that can be used for further routine development. 



Staff:  DistinXion Cheerleading staff is comprised of recent/current college cheerleaders that have experience in cheerleading competition.  Our staff will work hard to study your routine and provide experienced feedback to help improve your routine. 

Age Groups:  High School and Junior High cheerleading squads



Camp Schedule:  You choose the date and time!  (Availability is dependent upon staff availability.)

Dates:  Schedule a routine evaluation anytime! We suggest to inquire about possible dates at least a month in advance, however, all requests will be considered. (Schedule availability is dependent upon staff availability.)

Sign-Up Deadline:  We require coaches to submit a video of the routine performed in competition ready mode and the competition rules, regulations, and score sheets (if available) at least one week prior to the scheduled evaluation date.  This allows for our staff to provide the most comprehensive evaluation experience.



Location:  Your school! We are typically in the state of Indiana but will take other requests.


Tuition Rates

Fee: Pricing is based on the number of competition routines that are being evaluated and how many hours our staff spends with your squad. Travel fees also apply. 

1 routine/per hour basis for 1-3 hours (includes 2 instructors)$50/hour
1 routine/per hour for 4-6 hours$40/hour
Each additional routine to be evaluated during same visit$10/routine
Travel Fee for 30 or less miles$15
Travel Fee for 30+ miles$25

Additional Details:  Every year, each cheerleader must have a parent signed Release/Waiver form before participating in any DistinXion event.  If your squad participated in a DXN Cheer camp or Stunt Clinic this year, DistinXion already has waivers for your cheerleaders on file and you are not required to resubmit waivers. 

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